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Ancillary Services

Should you want we can manage all of your internet service needs including: domain management, website hosting, email systems, webcams, search optimisation, kiosks and multimedia systems.

We can provide a complete service offering, all under one roof, to ensure the success of your project. As well as Domain Management, Website Hosting and Email Systems we supply the following services.

Search Optimisation

It is possible to have the best website on the internet, but, if nobody knows of its existence it is a missed opportunity both for you and your prospective site visitors. It is important therefore to communicate the existence of your online presence and, by extension, your products and services. We refer to this communication process as Search Optimisation.

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Kiosk Solutions

Sometimes it isn't enough to provide static printed information. In an increasingly interconnected and information rich society it is preferable to differentiate your offering by providing something tailored to your user's needs at the point of service. An appropriate Kiosk can provide structured information to your users needs utilising attractive graphics and multimedia where appropriate. A kiosk, unlike printed information, can be updated in a matter of seconds and personalised to the needs of each user.

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Webcam Solutions

Whether as a means of marketing your organisation or aiding security through monitoring locations a Webcam can be invaluable to your business. Webcams today can be small and unobtrusive and yet provide stunning images and video, possibly in harsh environments, day and night. Every webcam can be controlled centrally or opened up to any user over the internet; it is your choice.

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