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Kiosk Solutions

Stylish, robust kiosk solutions for information dissemination, information capture and transactions.

Kiosk Solutions

We produce attractive, stylish and informative modern multimedia kiosks which are both reliable and durable.

We only produce solutions to your particular needs using the very best hardware and custom designed software. All our kiosk solutions are designed and tested to perform before going live on-site.

In the unlikely event of breakdown we provide cost effective support and maintenance contracts ensuring prompt on-site repair.

Kiosk Types

If you require an information dissemination kiosk, often used in travel centres, museums and exhibitions, we can design your software, integrate your content and integrate it with your current systems.

In addition information gathering kiosks, often used at exhibitions and at reception areas, require the use of a database to store the user input. We can supply database analysis and reporting should this be required.

If you need to update the kiosk with information, or collect data from the kiosk, we can securely connect it to your existing network or the internet.

Increasingly used is the transactional kiosk which provides an interface for buying and selling. We can supply systems fully set up with card readers and printers for receipts and journalling.

Kiosk Design

We also pay particular attention to the design of the kiosk enclosure, software interface and its siting. Each element of the design combines to influence the users impression about your organisation and your services.

The siting also determines other design factors, such as, an unsupervised kiosk will require a higher level of durability and security.

Depending on the environment, options for consideration include:


  • wall mounted
  • desktop
  • freestanding
  • touchscreen inputs
  • keyboard inputs or virtual keyboards
  • autoteller type input
  • traditional CRT or LCD panels


The software platform depends on the further types of interaction required, such as database access or management options. Increasing user exposure to browsers, such as Firefox™ and Internet Explorer™ make this type of interface popular.

Management options

Depending on requirements, there are many options available to make your kiosk solution easier and more productive:

  • hardware support
  • software support
  • remote management
  • database analysis & reporting
  • staff training

Remote management can include diagnostics and data management via local area network or via the internet.