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Our Philosophy

Plain language

Although we deal with complex technologies we don't forget that not everybody lives and breathes computers and the internet. We make streneous efforts to explain things in straightforward language and avoid speaking in acronyms all the time.

Open standards

We use open, standards compliant, technologies to create custom software solutions integrated with industry leading hardware.

As well as following the W3C standards for XHTML (our preferred coding standard) and CSS we always follow the W3C guidlines for web accessibility. This means your website will look good in all browsers, be future-proof (including mobile technologies) and be accessible to the maximum number of your customers.

No affiliations

Though we use a number of preferred suppliers, because they provide high quality hardware, we are not affiliated with any particular manufacturer. This leaves us free to select the best hardware for your requirements. The use of open standards, for software, means you will never suffer from vendor lock-in or find yourself in a technological cul-de-sac.


We always treat security as our top priority, particularly for ecommerce solutions, because we understand security is your top priority too.


The day your project goes live isn't the day your support stops. We believe the success of your solution will rely on you receiving great technical and business support before, during and after your project is deployed. We will take the time to understand your business and translate that into a technical solution that addresses your needs.


Great web development, webcam and kiosk solutions undertaken with care, creativity and professionalism.