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Content Management

Content Management Systems (CMS) help you to produce web content faster and easier.

Easy to add Slideshows and Photo Galleries
You have a fast moving requirement to have content produced by non-technical users using an easy to use interface but at the same time you want them to produce in a visually consistent style. You might even want to have content produced by people outside of your organisation or staff working from home but you still want to have an element of control and security. You want some content (text, images or video) visible to everyone via the internet but other parts of the website restricted to authenticated users.

All these requirements would seem to be mutually exclusive but they can be answered by having a modern and efficient Content Management System (CMS).

With a CMS, provided by Crann Tara, you can have an internal only (Intranet) system where only users on your local network can access the system or an Internet based system accessible by all. Indeed it is also possible to have a CMS where parts are only accessible internally, or only to registered users and other parts are available to all.

Edit bar
If permitted owners will see an easy to use edit bar

All website content can be produced using a simplified word-processor style interface which includes tools to, for example, embolden text, format paragraphs, create bulleted lists, insert images and link to other pages etc.

Example components

  • blogs
  • forums
  • wikis
  • slideshows
  • photo gallery
  • ecommerce
  • video presentation
  • online surveys
  • polls
  • document management
  • groupware workflow

and many more

Editing text
Convenient and familiar text editing

CMS Features

Below we list just some of the features you can have with a CMS:

  • easy to use WYSIWYG content production
  • content stored in a database (with backups)
  • user registration using a validated email addres
  • proven security track record
  • scheduled publishing and automatic content expiry
  • easily manage multi-language content
  • anonymous access for public content
  • system can easily scale from dozens of users to millions
  • certain content restricted to registered/logged-in users
  • fine-grained multi-level permission system
  • homogenous styling site-wide including components
  • automatically created site navigation
  • site search is provided by default
  • site and page syndication through RSS or Atom
  • link content to social media sites
  • user or human friendly URLs
  • content produced is standards compliant (i.e. W3C XHTML and CSS)
  • conformance to Web Accessibility Standards (i.e. W3C WAI-AA).

User and Group roles
Control who can do what and where

We can host your CMS on our servers, optimise the system for performance, provide backup services (and redundancy if necessary) and train your users.