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The worldwide growth of ecommerce continues unabated with traditional website solutions complemented by mobile commerce where customers use tablets and smartphones.

E-commerce solutions

The design considerations of websites are amplified when considering their use for e-commerce. Some of the primary considerations are business integration, ease of use, security, and marketing.

In 2011, 19 million households in Great Britain (77 per cent) had Internet access and 45 per cent of internet users used a mobile phone to connect online.

Office of National Statistics
August 2011

Business Integration

It is crucial that the e-commerce solution include interfaces to the normal business functions such as sales, distribution, accounts and customer services. Ease of use should extend to ease of delivery. Any problems customers may have require to be handled just as efficiently as in the 'real' world.

Crann Tara will take the time to understand your business so that the ecommerce design will fit your way of working rather than the other way round.

Ease of use

To increase initial and repeat sales, it is essential that the user finds the purchasing process as easy as possible. Design of shopping baskets, access to sales related information and order confirmation processes are all critical.

An ecommerce website from Crann Tara is easy to use for the site owner too. We create ecommerce sites that business people can understand not restricted to technical wizards.

UK online shoppers spend an average £3,370 per year on goods and services.
eCommerce Basket Survey

E-commerce security

Whether an e-commerce site is aimed at consumers or other businesses, security is a prime consideration. Users are familiar with press stories highlighting security flaws on an almost weekly basis. User reassurance has to be practised to overcome this fear. We can set up secure payment systems and assist with credit card authorisations and merchant account applications.

E-commerce marketing

There are some special marketing techniques for e-commerce both to attract the initial purchase and to develop future sales. It is no use having a great online shop and products if you don't have the paying customers.

Contact Crann Tara today and find out how we can pull all the elements together for you and build a successful online commercial presence.