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Website Design

Your organisation is unique, so, you deserve a website that reflects your individuality.

Crafted for you

When we create your website it will be based on your requirements and those of your users and customers. Although we are well versed in the latest web technologies we won't foist them on you, or your users, just because it is the trendy thing to do. Should you require a dynamic, database driven, user interactive website with video content delivery we can provide that, but equally, if you need a straightforward dependable static website with high performance we can do that too.

If you require something a little out of the ordinary we can create custom software solutions to satisfy your requirements. As our websites are hosted on our own web servers we are completely flexible in what we can offer.

Our service doesn't end the day your website goes live we will continue to support you during the initial launch and can provide on-going technical support if required.

Standards Compliant

When we code websites we always use web standards including XHTML and CSS which means your website will always display correctly in any standards compliant browser. Why spend time and effort providing a website if half of your audience can't see it the way you intended?


For similar reasons we strongly believe that no section of your audience should be excluded from your website because of poor design.

The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.

Tim Berners-Lee
Inventor: World Wide Web

Not only is it unfair to exclude users from your content but it would reduce your audience and potential customers. To address this issue we always produce websites that conform to the WAI guidelines.

Clean, Elegant Design

Conforming to the standards, outlined above, means that our websites have clean, logical code but more importantly users can navigate around the site with ease. Links look like links, titles, headings and sub-headings follow in logical order. Many web users have notoriously short attention spans meaning if they cannot find the information quickly they will move on somewhere else.

High Performance

As each website is coded by hand, static or dynamic, we do not accidently introduce unnecessary Javascript bloating the page and slowing page downloading and rendering. We employ the latest tools to speed the delivery of both static and dynamically generated webpages so your users are not kept waiting. We use high-performance webservers over fast data links. If required we can design websites to use redundancy and caching to improve availability and response times.

users visiting a new site spend an average of 30 seconds on the homepage and less than two minutes on the entire site before deciding to abandon it. ... If they have to spend 15 of their 30 seconds figuring out which link to click on your home page, you've probably lost them.

Jakob Nielsen
Web Usability Guru


Search Engine Optimisation

The best website in the world isn't much use if nobody can find it. There are many techniques we can employ to increase the chances of your website being found rather than a competitors. We can also advise you on marketing techniques you can use to raise awareness of your site with your target audience.

We have left this section to last but that doesn't mean we leave your sites' security considerations to last. No matter if it is the application of SSL secured sections of your website, keeping up-to-date with the latest security announcements or updating our server software security is always at the forefront of our decisions. Your website's security is our foremost concern.